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Fi & The Funk Rockers are a dynamic, edgy, funk, rock, pop and blues covers band. They're all professional, established musicians. They regularly play at venues such as Stramash, Whistlebinkies, Biblos and McSorleys.
Fronted by the powerful, versatile, Edinburgh established vocalist Fiona MacEwan, who has many years experience singing in 2 top Abba tribute bands, The Abba Experience and Absolut Abba touring here and abroad, Divine Diva Tribute Show, several popular wedding/function bands and acoustic duo Fi & Me. She was a member of the The Gospel Truth Choir where she supported Sir Tom Jones at The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, Donny Munro (Ex Runrig) at The Famous Grouse Whisky Festival, sang with Rikki Ross (Deacon Blue) and The Red Hot Chilli Pipers. Also sang with the lead cast of The Lion King at The Playhouse Theatre in 2013.
Drummer Bruce Mackay currently plays with The Police Sting Show in theatre shows all over the U.K, also plays in The Mike Breen Band and The Simon Brett Band and has played with K.T Tunstall.
Alex (Alejandro Rey) is our Spanish axeman and fronts his own covers band The Procrastinators and also acoustic guitarist/vocalist in Fables Duo.
Andy Quinn is the bassmeister.


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Baba Yaga are a band from Edinburgh. We play original music of a folky, Americana, slightly Balkan and funky style! 

In early June 2017, Mo Ford put out a feeler facebook status looking for someone to play cajon @ Kelburn festival, and in return they would receive a free weekend ticket. They very same day, Derek Strange happened to see the post, and had Mo in his friends list, slightly randomly too. Mo and Derek met at a jam night at Nobles Bar in Leith a couple of years previously. Anyway, Derek jumped at the chance to play cajon for the free Kelburn ticket. Who wouldn’t?! And so he then put a facebook status up, looking for a violinist that again, would get a free ticket to kelburn in return for playing the gig with us. Ben Errington, who had only met Derek once before too, at the kelburn 2 years proir to this one, randomly answered that message.
We became .. ahem.. “Brocolli Spears and the Floret Quartet” for the show, doing the gig as part of Creative Electric’s Brocolli Weddings show @ Kelburn Graden Party. It was crazy fun! It goes to show how random life can be, but always be prepared to grab an opportunity. You never know where it might lead to!
We’ve since acquired the awesome talents of Ben Jammin on cajon, and the amazing Conal McKintosh on bass. Baba yaga’s line up complete
And so, the rest is history. We called ourselves Mockit Fox.. Erm..I mean.. Baby Yaga (Damn it, Ben, Mockit Fox was better!) and started to co-write a bunch of acoustic-y, balkan-y, folk-y, americana-y, bluegrass-y, funk-y songs. You know, quite varied, yet retaining a character. This is Baba Yaga’s sound! Some tunes have went down well with folks we’ve played to. So were going to just keep doing more of the same. See if we can come up with some more good tunes! We are a co-writing partnership, with everybody involved.
You can have a listen to a few of our home recorded demos @ ! And we’re planning on our first demo by the year.
Thank you so much to everyone who has came to our shows, liked our page, and given us support on this journey so far. We’re totally loving it, and are 100% dedicated to the songs, and the songwriting, in trying to become the most entertaining we can be as a band. We love you all!
Baba Yaga

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Date: Thursday 20th June 2019

Venue: Whistle Binkies

Time : 17:00 - 05:00

Cost: Free

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