Stramash - ElwoodElwood

Onstage: 23.59hrs

Elwood is a professional 3-piece band based in Central Scotland with over 20 years combined experience in the live entertainment industry. With an extensive set list ranging from rock ‘n’ roll, classic disco and motown to heavy rock, blues and contemporary floor-fillers.


Stramash - CameoCAMEO

Onstage: 21.45hrs

Cameo are a four piece indie rock band from Edinburgh consisting of drums, bass and two guitars with all four members on vocals.



onstage 19.00hrs

To listen to Al Shields' music, with its inherent Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan influences, you'd be surprised to learn that his original musical inspiration was in fact Noel Gallagher.

"I grew up on a healthy diet of country and folk music from my Mum's record collection, but I was a Britpop kid" Al says, "But the great thing was that Oasis led me to The Beatles, who led me to Dylan. Dylan took me to Leadbelly and Robert Johnson. Everything I liked as a teenager led me back in time to the real storytellers.".

Shortly after receiving his first guitar at age 14 (a hand-me-down from his older brother), Al's mother passed away. Al moved from the small Scottish island of Bute to Newcastle to live with his sisters. "I was 14, and pretty private, but I wasn't very creative at that point" he says, "...but listening to music held an escape for me. I started devouring music. I bought what I could afford and I watched MTV, and I spent weekends reading music magazines and teaching myself guitar".

Having played in a rock band in high school, Al planned to study Music Technology after finishing his exams, but "Those hopes went down the drain with my grades." he laughs. "I even failed my Music exams, so after school I worked a few jobs and music fell by the wayside for a while".

At age 21, Al was re-acquainted with an old school friend from Bute. "He had a bunch of songs and was looking to start a band and record. I bought a cheap bass guitar and moved to Edinburgh a soon as I could, and the band became 'Ardentjohn'."

"I wrote a couple of songs for Ardentjohn" he recalls, "But my writing style and my delivery, right down to the sound I had in my head when I was writing was always in the Americana vein, it didn't suit the ambient indie-folk sound we made with the band.". These songs would not go to waste, however, as in 2008, Al released his first Americana-tinged solo effort 'Done and Dusted', limited to only 100 CD copies. "I could only afford to get 100 made!" He laughs, "I was still learning to write songs when I made 'Done and Dusted'. I'm still proud of it, though. Maybe one day I'll re-release it for nostalgia's sake".

With Ardentjohn now on something of a hiatus, Al has fully embraced the Americana genre, writing, recording and touring his country-flavoured solo album 'Slow Burner'. Upon the album's release, Scottish arts website Edinburgh Spotlight noted: " With titles like Travelling Man and Had A Little Lovin’, you get the sense Al would be more at home in some dustbowl diner in the mid-west rather than a grand ballroom in the east end of Edinburgh.".

"Johnny Cash was always a big influence for me" he says, "and my Mum loved Patsy Cline and Dolly Parton. That's really where my sound and songwriting style came from. American music always resonated with me more. The imagery used in American folk and country holds more romanticism for me. Highways and dusty old railroads might seem clichéd at times but that imagery has always appealed to me in songs".

Al is currently working on a new EP, due early 2016, with shows planned across the UK.

Since embarking on his solo career, Al has had the privilege of opening for a number of international touring acts, including Joe Pug, Neal Casal, Corb Lund, Krista Detor, Old Man Luedecke, Red Sky July, and LA country rockers Dead Rock West.

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Date: Friday 7th April 2017

Venue: Whistle Binkies

Time : 17:00 - 03:00

Cost: Free B4 Midnight, £4 After

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