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Dirty blues originals and a few choice covers.

A seasoned musician.


Onstage at Midnight

Original rock from France

“Discovered by Mondo Generator’s Nick Oliveri
and championed by Helmet’s Page Hamilton,
Rescue Rangers background is destined to make members of their local Marseilles scene
green with envy.  Anthemic and equally coloured with power pop infectiousness and wall of guitar magnitude.”

Due for release on Klonosphere this March, Divisive not only marks a return to form for the French quartet but
a chance to forge ahead with even bigger and bolder ideas. Since their formation over a decade ago, every
day that’s passed has only served to heighten vocalist/guitarist Pascal Mascheroni’s near talismanic-like
qualities as a songwriter. A long-serving student and practitioner of classic rock, metal and hardcore punk, the
release of the band’s debut album Guitars And Dust Dancing (2010) and follow-up Manitoba (2012) on
Trendkill Recordings, deftly showcased the wide range of influences at play on both Mascheroni’s mind and
music collection.
The real affirmation of Rescue Rangers’ prowess however came in 2009, after the band played a local show
with desert rock nonconformist Nick Oliveri. Not only did Oliveri love the band enough to lend vocals to
‘Creeper, The One Who Creeps,’ (from Manitoba) he invited the band to join Mondo Generator on tour across
North America that following summer. A fellow kindred spirit and stoic campaigner of high-octane rock ’n’ roll,
after one performance in Los Angeles with the former Kyuss/Queens of the Stone Age bass player, the band
were approached backstage by another cult luminary and equally enamoured Rescue Rangers-supporter-in-
waiting, Page Hamilton. At Hamilton’s request the band completed an extensive tour supporting his legendary
NYC noisemakers Helmet across France and entered the studio upon returning to record new album, Join
Hate. Released in 2017 on the band’s own F200 Records (and produced by Hamilton), the band’s third
release was an out-and-out treat for fans of heavy rock and electrifying song writing. Ballsy, voluminous and
stacked with promise, it was an ear opener and statement on just how far they’d progressed since day one.
Now, with a New Year and driven by completely fresh set of ambitions, the band find themselves readying the
release of their fourth album, Divisive. Working once again with Page Hamilton on production duties, Divisive
is stacked with a captivating sense of nostalgia, with tracks like ‘Concrete City’; ‘Refined Barbarians’ and the
album’s title track harking back to the glory days of alt-rock bands like Sugar, Afghan Whigs and Quicksand.
While the headier and more hardcore moments on ‘Authority’ and ‘Accelerate’ wouldn’t sit out of place on
some of the finest, early ’00s British guitar rock albums by the likes of Therapy? and Jetplane Landing. With
one foot in the past and the other pressed firmly on an overdrive peddle, while there’s plenty to acquaint one’s
self with, there’s even more that’s driven by pure harmonious invention.


onstage 21.30hrs

Up-beat covers and versions

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Date: Thursday 14th March 2019

Venue: Whistle Binkies

Time : 17:00 - 03:00

Cost: Free

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